Memory Pillows

A pillow made from a loved one’s shirt is perfect for comforting hugs. Each pillow is made with quality fabrics and embellished with the name and dates, a graphic and/or a single-line saying or verse.

red work shirt pllow
red work shirt with collar
cotton shirt pillow
cotton shirt pillow

boy scout pillow front
boy scout shirt and scarf

Sweatshirts, dress shirts with ties or team shirts can be made into pillows.

Sizes and prices with personalization are 12″ (45.95), 14″ ($46.35), 16″ ($47.75), 18″ ($50.75), and 20″ ($55.75). Prices are adjusted for pillows without personalization.

Typically, I can make 3 pillows from one shirt (depending on size). Substitutions, multiple lines of text, or piecing may add to the price.