T-Shirt Quilts

There are several decisions leading up to the making of a t-shirt quilt. Ultimately the price of the quilt is based on the size of the finished quilt.

3x4 tshirt quilt
3×4 block quilt
with frame and one border

The size is dependent on the number and size of blocks, cut from the front and back of the shirts. Typically, the blocks are 14” or 15”, although I recently made one with 17” blocks! Occasionally graphics on the sleeves may be incorporated into the quilt, perhaps as part of the border.

The number of blocks govern the grid, ie: 4×5 or 5×6. Plain blocks may be added from unused portions of a shirt if the number of blocks do not match the grid needed. Or, conversely, more blocks than the grid can be combined into a single block. Seeing the shirts helps me visualize the final layout.

Other decisions are whether a sashing is included (strips of fabric between the blocks), and the number and width of borders. I like to add an inside border ~ called a ‘frame’ ~ around the blocks, then add the borders. I coordinate or compliment the border and backing colors with the colors of the t-shirts.

Please note that I do not like to quilt across the graphic on the shirts; the needles make holes which shortens the life of the graphic. The quilt is meant to be an heirloom or keepsake, so I stitch an all over pattern around the designs.

baseball pant quilt
baseball pant quilt

T-shirts are not the only garment, such as baseball pants, that can be used for a quilt.

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